Timely, targeted feedback to providers is a key element to rapid cycle improvement and change management.  

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CareAssess™ is an intuitive, easy to use platform for comprehensive assessment of individual and team performance in any setting. We offer an extensive library of valid and reliable assessments built on a foundation of decades of data collection across healthcare domains. Coupled with the assessment builder that allows any individual to quickly create a custom assessment tool, CareAssess fuels performance improvement in an unparalleled fashion. Feedback quickly becomes objective, targeted, and actionable. Data collection, synthesis and analysis becomes streamlined and provides actionable information to drive change.

Whether in a simulation environment, in a procedural arena, or at the bedside, CareAssess is easily accessible on your smartphone or tablet for rapid, comprehensive assessment.

List of Features

CareAssess™ App works in conjunction with a CareAssess™ license, which allows access to experts in performance assessment, simulation training, medical education, including unlimited support.

CareAssess™ is a versatile platform for implementing real time performance assessment in healthcare settings, including simulation & training environments, clinics, field-based services, hospitals, and surgical centers.

CareAssess™ connects to a library of validated assessment instruments that are available for numerous clinical disciplines including specialty and sub-specialty practice domains such as medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, ob/gyn, nursing, EMS, and many more.

Assessments are easily accessed when you need them. Active assessments may be completed in the moment or saved to be completed at a later time.

All CareAssess™ generated assessment data are written to our secure database to assure the privacy of all users. Only designated recipients receive assessment reports.

Our analytical engine provides users with normative performance markers that allow them to see how well they perform relative to others in the assessed domain.

Completed assessments may be archived to create portfolios of demonstrated performance competency.  Your portfolio can be exported for use in credentialing, privileging, licensing, and future employment opportunities. 


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